Special dogs

Dogs that track deer

How prepared are you for when things don’t quite go as planned in those final moments of a stalk? We discuss deer dogs, their training and the best procedure to enhance the chances of finding a lost animal with Tony Lowry from UK Deer Track and Recovery.

What would be on your ‘essential’ kitlist for a stalking foray in the UK? Beyond the rifle and appropriate clothing, and depending on the nature of your stalking, I’d guess a knife, binoculars, mobile phone, sticks, headtorch and windchecker might feature. What about a dog? A dog that is capable of tracking a deer for more than a few hundred metres? How prepared are you for when a stalk doesn’t go quite as planned? In the vast majority of cases, the stalker gets within a sensible...

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The rough shooter's dog

Author: Ben Randall

The sight of dog and Gun working together to put game in the bag is a joy to behold, but how does one achieve such a partnership?

Before taking the first steps towards acquiring a dog, the prospective owner will have – or should have – a good idea about what they want their dog to do when it grows up. For many, the end goal is typically either a peg dog, a dog for picking-up behind the Guns, or a dog that will perform steadily in the beating line or when walked-up shooting. Cross-over between the three is not rare. It is the last of these roles, though – the rough shooting dog for walked-up sport – that is the...

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Life changing labradors

Author: Heather Waktare

It’s okay to cuddle up on the sofa with your gundog, they can be so much more than just a working companion.

Three years ago my brother Bruce and his wife Gayle decided to up sticks from their two bedroom cottage in Walton-on-Thames and head for the Scottish Highlands. This announcement came as a big surprise to me. They were both true townies with a penchant for good restaurants, trendy pubs, cinemas, coffee shops etc. They found a house just 10 miles north of Inverness on the Black Isle, and soon after settling in they announced they were going to buy two dogs, not just pooches, but gundogs!...

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Mole, the millennium dog

Author: James Chapel

After more than 1,000 shoot days at his side, James Chapel looks back at the long and loyal life of his remarkable black labrador, Mole.

Mole was my first labrador and, although my family have always had a number of dogs, he was also my first proper gundog. I lead a very enviable life in that I run the William Powell Sporting Agency based in Banbury and, as a direct result of this, end up attending/hosting/managing over 100 days each season myself. The actual business is involved in far more than this, but one person (and as Mole found out – one dog) can only attend so many days in a year. My first sight of Mole was of him...

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