Can you tell us about yourself and your own interest in gundogs and country sports?

In 2003 a dog came into my life that would influence my future beyond my expectations. Dodi was a working weimaraner and, having never even owned even a hamster before, I set about learning to train my first gundog. Having worked him in trials and on small shoots in Holland for a few years, I was keen to give him the best possible opportunity to explore and progress in his natural talents. Hunting in the Netherlands is very limited, so I decided to travel with Dodi to the UK to get as much work and training as possible (for us both!) and that journey ultimately brought us to the grouse moors of North Yorkshire. 

How would you describe the thrill of being on the grouse moors, working with dogs?

I still see working my weimaraners on the grouse moor as the ultimate sport for a dog and handler. The unpredictable grouse and the dog that has to work the wind, find the bird, and be on point… that still gives me goose bumps every time. Grouse moors are made for HPRs.

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