The exciting day has arrived and you are now planning on collecting your new puppy. The home should be ready, for example with a crate, a bed and the correct food from the breeder. And the vet should be booked for the vaccinations.

So with all that in place you can drive to the breeder, where normally a contract is signed between breeder and purchaser. By this point the first vaccination should always have been done, and the pup should also have been microchipped. And there should have been a full vet check before collection, including all worming and feeding details. Also normally each dog will receive five weeks of free Kennel Club insurance with your KC paperwork. After that period it’s up to you to source the appropriate cover.

With Your Own Eyes

I personally like to see my puppy interacting with the other puppies and the mother even though I have already selected it. There are little bits of knowledge I can pick up on temperament at this age and in this environment. Normally the dog will be coming home with you on its own so it’s good to see it interacting with the mother and siblings, face to face. Yes you have selected the puppy yourself or the breeder has selected it for you, and you have probably seen videos and had one visit, but it’s always good to see how your pup interacts with its mother and littermates with your own eyes. Some puppies will be super confident and some may be a little nervous and shy in that environment. It gives you a little idea of what your puppy potentially is going to be like. However, it is important to note this can all change next day.

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