"Don't rush your gundog training, progress in tiny increments and keep exercises fresh and exciting."

Ben Randall, Field Editor

Gundog breeds

A closer look at the many working breeds to help you choose the right dog for you...

Labrador retriever

We take a closer look at Britain's most popular gundog...
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English springer spaniel

We take a look at the UK’s third most popular gundog...
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In the field

Exclusive interviews, unforgettable experiences and fascinating gundog history...

A history of picking-up

Up until the 1920s, picking-up was always carried out...
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Dogs that track deer

How prepared are you for when things don’t quite go as...
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Instruction & training

Expert gundog training tips and advice from some of the most respected handlers...

Training a young labrador retriever – part 1

Gundog expert Jayne Coley summarises the early training...
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Choosing the right breed of gundog

When considering which gundog breed is best for you, follow...
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Latest Articles

Overcoming Nerves

Lindsay Corbett tells us about her dog of a lifetime and shares how she overcame her nerves in order...
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Does a Ferrari suit a learner?

Sometimes the wrong dog ends up with the wrong owner and Field Editor Ben Randall has some words of ...
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The element of surprise

We discover how the element if surprise when training your gundog can help embed teaching....
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Gundog Journal

Reward-based training generates much debate and much of this surrounds the definition of that simple little word ‘reward’. In this issue Ben Randall explains the difference between old-fashioned bribery and a meaningful system of work and reward. He makes it clear that a reward does not always have to mean a tasty treat. As always it’s a truly informative read.

Have you ever wondered whether boarding school would work for your dog? Worried about passing the buck or whether your dog will remember you when they come home? If so then championship competitor and residential kennels owner Graham Slater has some answers for you in his myth-busting feature in this issue. There are some common misconceptions which he is very happy to debunk.

Elsewhere in this instalment of Gundog Journal Patrice Fellows shines the spotlight on the Irish water spaniel and asks some pertinent questions about whether we could all do more to support the minority breeds. And if you are thinking about a UK holiday this summer then we have selected 11 luxurious dog-friendly hotels where you and your dogs can truly relax.

Don’t miss this issue

  • Treat training – how to get it right
  • How electric collars are used in the US
  • Transport solutions for your dogs
  • The truth about boarding school
  • The Drakeshead dynasty
  • Irish water spaniels in profile
  • Veterinary advice on neutering
  • Expert training advice from the Gundog Journal team
  • Dog friendly UK hotels
  • 40 years of the Pointer & Setter Champion Stake
  • Top kit for gundogs and their owners

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