The William Powell Sporting (WPS) team have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the shooting, hunting and fishing destinations, enabling them to offer premium sporting experiences in the UK and abroad. From exceptional shooting in breath-taking landscapes to, unbeatable hospitality and precise attention to detail, WPS strives to exceed expectations in every way. 

From thrilling driven grouse to soaring pheasants, early season partridges to walked-up shooting, WPS offers an extensive range of sporting pursuits in the UK. Plus they offer opportunities for those interested in venturing further afield, with extensive offerings including driven boar in Europe, partridges in Spain, dove shooting in Argentina, and rock pigeons in Africa.

Having provided these unforgettable experiences for over 20 years, WPS does not only arrange some of the most impressive sporting opportunities in the country, the team are also involved in the day to day running of some of the UK’s finest estates. This incomparable in field experience and knowledge is what has earnt WPS their outstanding reputation for quality.
The WPS team also know that sporting adventures are so much more than just shooting. From the travel to the accommodation, the hospitality to the camaraderie the WPS team do not settle for anything other than extraordinary. That is why they go beyond just arranging your day, but also organise transport, accommodation and gun hire, as well as hosting and loading on the day itself.
Many people may question whether they need a sporting agent, and although a reasonable percentage of the sporting population may be able to source their own shooting, the William Powell team “will always add something” to the experience. Their large network of estates from north of Inverness through to the Isle of Wight and from Cornwall across into East Anglia, allow them to provide their clients with the most suitable days and fulfil their every requirement.
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