Joint support for pets

Joint stiffness is a common concern for many dog owners and maintaining healthy joints is crucial especially for working dogs. Nutravet has a range of vet recommended joint supplements to support your dog’s joint health throughout their life.

Nutraflex – veterinary strength support for joints and mobility. Nutraflex provides the next level in joint support exclusively via veterinary practices.

Nutraquin+ - provides a fast-acting solution for pets showing signs of joint stiffness, where the benefits are often seen within 4-7 days.

Nutraquin – is an everyday joint maintenance supplement with added Omega 3. It’s also ideal for milder cases of joint stiffness or younger and growing animals that need early-stage support.

Digestive support

Dogs can be prone to tummy troubles as they can eat things not meant for them. Whether you need to firm up loose stools, soften stool consistency or support a dog’s recovery, Nutravet has a range of natural digestive and gut solutions.

Nutraflora – high strength probiotic for everyday gut health & immunity. Nutraflora supports everyday gut health and immune support to aid recovery.

Nutrafibre – high fibre support for digestive health & anal gland function. Nutrafibre has been developed to help maintain the gut’s natural balance by utilising proven natural ingredients.

Nutrabio – fast acting probiotic to aid intestinal function. Nutrabio is a naturally formulated probiotic paste for maintaining normal digestive function in dogs and firms up loose stools quickly.

Stress & Anxiety

Nutracalm – fast acting support for stress and anxiety. Nutracalm is a fast-acting natural calming supplement to help stressed and anxious pets. It can be used short-term for one-off stressful events, such as car journeys, vet visits and kennel stay or long-term issues such as separation anxiety.

Skin & coat health

Nutracoat – high strength skin and coat support. Nutracoat has been developed by vets using a unique formula of key natural ingredients to aid healthy skin and a glossy coat, whilst soothing dry, flaky skin and reducing itching and scratching.

Dental health

Nutraplaque – advanced support for reducing plaque, tartar, and bad breath. The specially patented Norwegian seaweed within Nutraplaque has been shown to reduce plaque build-up by 35% after just 4 weeks use.

Other products in the range

Nutravet has several other products in the range helping conditions such as brain and mental function, liver health and renal function, as well as support for ageing pets.

Recommended by vets, love by pets

Nutravet products are recommended by thousands of vet practices worldwide. On the face of it many supplements can appear good value however, many are very low in strength. The Nutravet range provides the highest strength products for pets whilst delivering the most affordable price.

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