This fly will catch brown and rainbow trout, and even salmon and sea-trout. The head of soft and buoyant deer hair ensures the fly sits right in the surface, and also creates a fish-attracting wake when retrieved.

Material list for the Muddled Daddy

Hook: Size 10-12 nymph hook

Thread: Brown

Rib: Fine gold wire

Body: Hare or fox squirrel fur and gold Lite-Brite

Legs: Knotted cock pheasant tail fibres

Head: Spun and clipped roe deer body hair

Step 1. Muddled Daddy.

Step 1. Run the tying thread on at the eye, carrying it down to the bend in close turns. At the bend catch in a length of fine gold wire.

Step 2. Muddled Daddy.

Step 2. Secure the waste end of wire along the shank then dub a pinch of fur on to the thread. Wind the fur along the shank in touching turns.

Step 3. Muddled Daddy.

Step 3. Apply the dubbed fur until it has covered three-quarters of the shank and formed a slim body. Wind on evenly spaced turns of gold wire.

Step 4. Muddled Daddy.

Step 4. Secure the end of the wire then add three legs of knotted pheasant tail to each side of the body. Trim off the waste ends of pheasant tail.

Step 5. Muddled Daddy.

Step 5. Select a pinch of roe deer hair, removing any fluff or damaged fibres. With the tips projecting over the body apply loose thread turns.

Step 6. Muddled Daddy.

Step 6. Gently pull the thread tight. This will cause the hair to flare and spin around the shank. Use fingers to help it around the shank if necessary.

Step 7. Muddled Daddy.

Step 7. Work the thread through the hair so that it is locked securely to the shank. When the thread has reached the eye, draw the hair back.

Step 8. Muddled Daddy.

Step 8. Cast off the thread with a whip finish. Using small, precise cuts, trim the hair around the head to create a rounded shape.

Step 9. Muddled Daddy.

Step 9. Keep snipping until all of the grey hair has been trimmed to shape, leaving only the brown tips to form a collar projecting over the body.