Nextmune UK’s dedicated team provides innovative and scientifically-proven products, which are recommended by vets and leading dermatologists to help manage allergies in your dog. 

Just like humans, dogs can have allergies. 1 in 5 pets is allergic and itchy. 

Luckily, Nextmune UK is dedicated to helping pet parents keep their much-loved dogs comfortable and healthy. 

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A dedicated Pet Parent page includes links to educational videos and a simple allergy quiz to help find out if your dog has allergies. 

For more information on how to successfully manage your dog’s allergy throughout their lifetime visit The Allergy Journey.


Top selling topical skin products include:

CLX Wipes: These easy-to-use antibacterial and antifungal wet wipes can be used for daily cleansing of paws, skin folds, ears, armpits and the groin. Available as a pack of 40 large wipes or a handy pocket pack of 20 smaller wipes.

Peptivet shampoo and foam are specifically formulated to provide a strong action against bacteria and yeast which can cause skin problems. They contain essential moisturising ingredients to soothe and hydrate your dog’s skin. 

Nextmune dog shampoo

Top selling ear cleaning solutions include:

Otodine: This leading ear cleaning solution can be used daily as a pre-treatment ear cleanser. Otodine soothes dry skin, counteracts bacteria & yeast and reduces odours.

Tris-NAC: is a sterile ear and skin cleanser for dogs that breaks down bacterial and fungal biofilms.

Nextmune ear cleaner for dogs

The new Dermoscent skin range available from Nextmune UK utilises the power of natural active ingredients in easy-to-use formulations to help manage a variety of skin problems. 

Atop 7 Range – for red and itchy skin

Essential Range – for dry skin prone to flaking

Pyo Range – to help rebalance the skin microflora 

Available in innovative Spot-On’s, Shampoos, Sprays, Mousses and Creams, the Dermoscent Range helps ensure ease of use for owners who want a more natural approach to managing their dog’s skin.

Other specialist products:

Solo Vegetal: Containing all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet, this unique and delicious food is completely vegetable based. It is ideal for dogs with skin or gut problems related to either food sensitivity or food intolerance.

Stomodine F: This antibacterial and soothing dental gel will help maintain healthy teeth and gums in your dog.

cleaning a dog's teeth


Nextmune UK also manufactures and supplies the only licensed allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment in Europe. 

Immunotherapy is the only treatment that can strengthen your dog’s immune system and stop it from reacting to environmental allergens. It is a customised, all-natural treatment which involves injecting small amounts of allergens beneath your dog’s skin once a month. Speak to your vet if you think your dog would benefit from immunotherapy.

Where can I purchase Nextmune UK products?

Please contact your vet. If your veterinary practice does not currently stock Nextmune UK products, they can contact an approved veterinary wholesaler. The Dermoscent product range is also available to purchase from online veterinary pharmacies. 

The bottom line

It may be tempting to think that all dogs scratch, lick, bite, and rub from time to time. However, it is often a sign of allergic skin disease and certainly should never interrupt their play and eating, or cause hair loss, skin damage and discomfort.

Nextmune UK are leaders in dermatology and allergy management, driven by the desire to make your dog as fit, happy and healthy as possible.

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