mammaly is a high quality pet supplement brand from Germany. They provide a broad range of powerful functional treats for dogs, that contain clinically-proven ingredients and are produced using a unique air dry technology.


The founders of mammaly started the company when noticing that pet health is constantly declining. A lot of issues that our pets experience could be avoided with an adequate diet and check-ups. Unfortunately the number of preventable problems are rising and as a result our beloved furry friends are suffering.

To create the products, they teamed up with veterinarians, scientists and pet lovers to develop and test supplements to increase the quality of life for dogs.

Five of their popular products include:

Happy Hips: A powerful snack that supports your dog's joint health and mobility.

Lucky Belly: A probiotic snack that includes various different benefits for gut health, used for allergy purposes as well as urgent issues - it also has advantages similar to itching powder.

Fresh Smile: Used to reduce plaque and tartar, as well as provide your dog with fresh breath, and white teeth.

Relax Time: A snack that helps your dog tackle anxiety and stress resulting in relaxing benefits.

Shiny Hair:  A snack that provides your dog with natural ingredients for a healthy skin and beautiful coat.

Before each product goes out of the manufacturing facilities, it is subject to testing in the laboratory as well as certification. The development process is assisted by leading veterinarians.

two white men standing smiling and holding mammal treat tubs

How Does Mammaly Work?

Each product that mammaly offers comes as a soft snack. The snack is created from functional ingredients and chicken liver, giving it a taste appealing for dogs.

The amount that you serve your dog is based on their body weight.

For all mammaly products, the amount is set at:

  • Under 5kg: 1 snack
  • 5-10kg: 2 snacks
  • >10kg: 3 snacks

You can reward your dog with the reccomended amount at any time of day.

What Ingredients Are In Mammaly?

The ingredients contained in the mammaly supplements are a blend of bioactive components that have been through rigorous testing. These elements include:

● Glucosamine

● Chondroitin


● Prebiotic

● L-Theanine

● Taurine

● L-Carnitine

● Curcumin

● Probiotic

● Collagen Peptide

Cost And Price Plans

All five products sold by mammaly retail for between £25–£39 per item. Each item comes in a tub and and offers you a supply that lasts up to three months..

Buying the same product in higher quantities triggers a small discount of between 5–10% depending on the amount ordered.

Customer Service offers various methods of contact via its website for customer service needs.


Phone Number: +49 221 956 73037

They also offer an online chat feature and offer contact through their social media accounts.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

mammaly is only available in their official online store, so the availability of their online dog supplement reviews is high.

Trustpilot rates mammaly a phenomenal 4.9 score based on >400 reviews.

The >5.000 reviews on their website are largely positive. All individual products have a rate of at least 4.5 stars.

brown haired white woman holding a tub of mammaly treats and looking at her dog - a brown poodle - which is on her left

Where To Buy?

Currently, mammaly only offer their products for sale through their company website. To receive the promotional offers, referral benefits, and subscription discounts, you must order through the company website, and subscribe to their newsletter.

The Bottom Line

When we provide for our pets, who are entirely dependent on us, it is hard to know the best route to take.

We cannot ask them what they are feeling, so we have to rely on professionals and our observation skills.

Avoiding any health concerns is always a top priority, so turning to supplemental products is a natural step to accomplish that.

We appreciate the extensive testing that mammaly utilises with their products. Additionally, we love the feature of checking the exact testing results for the product we have in our hands.

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shih-tzu dog looking upwards, licking his lips, with a tub of mammaly treats sitting on his left