Pioneering antimicrobial technology, Leucillin is an effective and reliable first aid, sanitizing skin management tool. With HSE approval Leucillin can be used safely on both human and animal skin.

Leucillin is an everyday product used to keep your dog skin clean, clear and healthy.

The ultimate antimicrobial solution, Leucillin is an easy to use, straight to use formula for use in case of emergency, or any minor cuts and scratches which can occur whilst out in the field. Leucillin is your insurance aid against harmful pathogens, killing bacteria on contact, creating the perfect environment for fast skin recovery.

Leucillin cleverly mimics the body’s own immune system and is therefore completely safely to all skin types, it will not sting, irritate or cause detriment to living tissue.

Leucillin is incredibly versatile, tackling all those minor skin health concerns dog owners face on a day-to-day basis including; cleansing of ears, eyes and skinfolds, as well as irritations, dry, itchy, flaky and smelly skin health concerns. Available in a range of sizes to suit any animal owner, Leucillin is a non-toxic, skin pH neutral solution and comes in all recyclable packaging.

A trusted and widely respected brand, Leucillin is British technology manufactured in the UK. Leucillin has established popularity within all areas of animal management and are now also exporting to Europe, America, Canada and Singapore. Leucillin are providing outstanding quality and fore fronting technological development within our field.


We absolutely love Leucillin, it is the perfect edition to your shoot day essentials.

Leucillin makes it quick and simple to ensure your dogs scrapes from battling the brambles are clean and ready to heal for your next day out in the field.”

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