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Volume V • Issue V

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The food issue

What to feed your gundog is a highly debated, emotive and divisive subject. What works for one dog may not work for another, and the same is true of the owners and what is and isn’t convenient or affordable for them.
This month we’ve asked some GJ contributors for their thoughts on feeding gundogs: what works for them, what doesn’t, and where people often go wrong. There's also veterinary advice on feeding your dog for every life stage, plus a selection of top supplements for them.
If you've ever wanted to compete with your gundog but haven't been able to make the leap from fun, friendly scurries to the more advanced Working Test level, then this month's report on the Jixenwell Challenge is a must-read. The brainchild of James and Davina Wiles, the challenge aims to bridge the gap between the two levels of competing and is already proving very popular.

At the very top of the competitive world, we bring you in-depth reports from the 2023 HPR Championship and the IGL Retriever Championship, both of which exemplify the very best in dog and handler partnerships - inspiration for us all.
Lending a helping hand with our gundogs this month, Ben Randall tackles the serious problem of hard-mouthed dogs, how to prevent it and whether there really is a 'cure'. We also have training extracts from his epic new book, How to train your gundog, which is sure to set new and existing gundog owners on the path to success.
Also in this issue:

  • Taking an honest look at the pack
  • The Braque D'Auvergne in profile
  • The road to Crufts 2024: could you be the next champion?
  • Great gundogs: Ernest Hemingway's favourite canine companion
  • Difficult day: an honest account of life with a GSP x Labrador
  • Top tips on 'sharpening up' at the end of the season
  • Artist Michelle McCullagh on her love affair with painting animals
  • Minority breeds in action at the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales field trial

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