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Volume V • Issue IV

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The festive issue

In this issue Roderick Emery has some entertaining advice for surviving Christmas in a household full of dogs. He writes from experience, and it will ring true with anyone who has seen the odd canine mishap at the most wonderful time of the year. On the festive theme, Lapland might be best known as the home of Santa Claus, but Harvey Wiggins saw it in a different light on a magical ptarmigan hunting trip over pointers and setters this autumn. He writes a no-nonsense account of a wonderful few days with some serious dog people.

Elsewhere in this issue Tim Furbank writes a heart-warmingly honest account of the ups and downs of owning working gundogs in the busy modern world. It’s not been a straight road, but his experiences will resonate with many readers.

Meanwhile, Gundog Journal field editor Ben Randall urges us all to be honest in our assessment of the progress our young dogs are making. It’s a must read if you want your youngsters to develop.

Ever wondered why the vet bills seem so high? Veterinary surgeon Laura Keyser tackles the thorny subject, and it’s an illuminating insight into the world of a modern veterinary business.

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  • Being honest about your dogs
  • Christmas chaos in a canine house
  • Why are the vet bills so high?
  • Hunting over dogs in Lapland
  • Emergency rescue on the mountain
  • The Burgos pointer: a rare working breed
  • Keeping warm and dry in the winter
  • How physio can prolong your dog’s career
  • The Irish Pointer & Setter Championship
  • Top gear for discerning dogs and owners
  • The German wirehaired pointer in profile
  • Great gundogs; a famously honest spaniel

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