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Volume V • Issue III

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As we move into the shooting season, first day nerves with a new dog are inevitable. There are a lot of possible distractions and uncontrollable variables when it comes to the real thing. If you are heading out with a young dog for the first time this season then Ben Randall has some very clear advice on how to ensure the day goes well, and you don't make some mistakes which could be very costly in the long run. Patience is the key and you can do a lot of damage if you rush it, as Ben explains so clearly.

Philip White won two IGL Retriever Championships in a row in 1969 and 1970 and we are delighted to feature an interview with him in this issue. Having been immersed in the world of working gundogs for most of his life this venerable man has some strong views on modern field trials.

And on the subject of competitive gundog work we also have an action packed section on the myriad events that have taken place this summer at the likes of Ragley Hall, Scone Palace, Capesthorne Hall and the majestic Bollihope moor. Safe to say there has been a lot going on and we have packed it all in into these pages.

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  • How to deal with first day nerves
  • Cockerpoos in the field
  • Top training vests for gundog handlers
  • The Clumber identity crisis
  • Game Fair international gundogs report
  • Brand new minority breeds competition
  • All the action from the Kennel Club event in Cheshire
  • Pointer & Setter Champion Stake at Bollihope
  • Great products for you and your dogs
  • Breed profile: barbet
  • The royal family and their dogs through the years

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