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Volume V • Issue I

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In this jam-packed latest issue we bring you the best training advice from people who have been there and done it all. Double cocker championship winner Ben Randall, Jayne Coley and Laura Hill have probably forgotten more about gundog training than most of us will ever know. In these pages Ben focuses on the invaluable art of doing nothing, or more specifically how to train your dog to understand that sometimes they just have to wait. If you have always thought about entering competitions but have never plucked up the courage, then don't miss Jayne's sage words on the matter. And if you are bringing a new member into your team this year then you will want to read Laura's candid views on the best way of doing so.

It's a momentous year for the Kennel Club, as this bastion of breeding standards celebrates its 150th anniversary and you can read all about the anniversary in this issue, as well as enjoying our full report from Crufts.

In recent years the IGL Retriever Championship has been dominated by labradors, but Nathan Laffy has consistently flown the flag for golden retrievers and he tells us all about it in this golden edition of Gundog Journal.

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  • Teaching the art of doing nothing
  • Flying the flag for golden retrievers
  • Why a large Munsterlander is like a Lamborghini
  • All the action from Crufts
  • Great products for you and your dogs
  • How to integrate a youngster into your team
  • The tasting menu - what's in the bowl?
  • Breed profile: Spanish water dog
  • Travelling in style - 5 top transit boxes
  • Hunting for the pot with HPRs
  • Finding the courage to compete

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