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Volume IV • Issue V

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Have you got gundog plans for 2023? Perhaps you are thinking of a new puppy or you want to enter working tests and field trials? Or maybe you want to do a lot more picking-up next season? Whatever your ambitions for the New Year, Andrew Dellbridge has some wise words about how to manage the new developments and retain an open mind in case things don't take the expected path. Meanwhile if picking-up is your thing then you will love Chris Warner's article in this issue. Despite battling cancer he found great joy in joining the shoot this season and you won't read a better explanation of why we do it.

It's championship time and in this issue we bring you the full reports from both the Kennel Club HPR Championship and the IGL Retriever Championship. The former was held in the fog in North Yorkshire and the latter at the prestigious Holkham estate in North Norfolk. Both venues allowed these magnificent dogs to demonstrate their skills on the highest stage. But whatever your interest in gundogs we have something for you in this issue. Happy New Year!

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  • The appeal of a part-trained dog
  • The HPR Championship
  • Great products for your and your dogs
  • How to plan for canine change in your household
  • Poodles in the picking-up line!
  • Shooting grey partridge over pointers
  • Breed profile: the Hungarian wirehaired vizsla
  • Weighty issues - how to keep your dog in shape
  • When elbows go wrong
  • Top boots for winter dogwork

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