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Volume IV • Issue IV

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November and December are the prime months for working and competing with our gundogs, and this issue is packed with top tips for improving performance. As always field editor Ben Randall has some genuine pearls of wisdom, particularly for transforming everyday occurrences into training opportunities for your gundog. We don't all have the time or means to access a training paddock every day, but part of Ben's genius is demonstrating how even a courier delivery at the front door can be a mini training session.

Elsewhere in this issue Jayne Coley addresses the question of whether the dream team exists. The answer is full of wisdom as usual, and suggests the concept is something of a fallacy. The truth of course is that it's a case for horses for courses, and ultimately every reader will have their own preferences. Which is handy because here at Gundog Journal we continue to champion every single one of the 38 Kennel Club gundog breeds, from the bracco Italiano and the field spaniel to the weimaraner and the humble labrador.

As we move into the festive season we hope you enjoy the latest issue and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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