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Volume IV • Issue III

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As we move into the season excitement levels will be reaching fever pitch in shooting households across the country, with anticipation building among owners and dogs alike. These are the times when the hard work building the partnership will come to fruition, and on that topic Ben Randall writes a fascinating piece in this issue about noise levels in gundog handling. It’s thought-provoking stuff and it’s hard to disagree with his overall premise.

Elsewhere in this issue find out all about the marvellous bracco Italiano, one of the most distinctive of all the gundog breeds. The breed is revered in Italy for its stylish gait and hunting prowess, and is steadily gaining a reputation as an excellent pointer and retriever in the UK. While labradors, cockers and springers continue to dominate the gundog registration numbers in the UK, we have a tremendous variety of skills, sizes, coats and colours to choose from, and there really is a breed for all occasions.

Wisdom comes through experience and, as the Queen’s former gundog trainer and headkeeper at Sandringham, Bill Meldrum has bucket loads of both. Our interview with him in this issue is a jewel in the crown.

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  • The Bill Meldrum interview
  • Quiet please – expert handling advice
  • International reports from the game fairs
  • Why working tests are addictive
  • Difficult days - when a dog won’t retrieve to hand
  • Pickers-up and their vital role in the food chain
  • The enduring appeal of shooting with springers
  • Veteran pointer and setter man Dennis Longworth
  • Kennel Club Working Tests – the full report
  • How to clip those claws
  • Breed profile: the Bracco Italiano

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