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Volume IV • Issue II

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With a glorious red setter adorning the cover, this issue is another fitting testament to everything our working gundogs do to enrich our lives at home and in the field.

As we approach the next shooting season Anthea Shelley provides a complete blueprint for the correct etiquette with your gundog, whether beating, picking-up or on the peg. It can be tricky to get it right in the early days, but once you are in the swing of it there’s nothing better than working in unison with your dog to flush and retrieve game.

If you have been wondering what to do with your dogs outside the shooting season, then Michelle Oseman and Jo Page may have the answer. Following a move to Cornwall Michelle took up Canicross and hasn’t looked back since, and Jo is heavily involved in the agility world with her gundog breeds.

The Glorious Twelfth brings the much-heralded beginning of the grouse season on the heather-clad uplands of northern England and Scotland. In this issue former grouse keeper Harvey Wiggins explains exactly what sets moorland gundog work apart from the lowland shoots. Meanwhile pointer and setter devotee David Hudson delves into the mystery of scent on the moor.

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  • Etiquette masterclass for the shooting field
  • Seasonal training issues with your bitch
  • How to stay dry in style
  • The Game Fair beckons
  • Hot tips for gundogs in a heatwave
  • How Canicross can help you get fit
  • The big question – boy or girl?
  • James Martin and his beloved spaniel
  • Pointers and setters on the Scottish circuit
  • The mystery of scent

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