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Volume IV • Issue I

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Our Queen has reigned over us for an astonishing 70 years, and Her Majesty’s interest in working gundogs and keen support of the field trialling community has always been evident. It’s clear these remarkable dogs have brought as much pleasure to our Queen as they do to the rest of us. To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee it is our pleasure to reflect that long-standing relationship in a full feature in this issue.

Traditionally this is the time of year when we embrace the simultaneous delight and challenge of welcoming a new puppy into our lives. In this issue field editor Ben Randall offers the blueprint for getting it right from day one with your new arrival. As ever, his words are clear, concise and entirely logical. With a new puppy you have a blank canvas and you can create a masterpiece or a nightmare – the choice is yours.

It’s been a tremendous year for German wirehaired pointers, with three new Field Trial Champions and plenty of appearances in the awards. With 38 official Kennel Club gundog breeds, there is pretty much something for everyone, but the GWP is certainly making its mark and we report on this successful year in this issue.

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  • Puppy training masterclass
  • Retriever champion reveals his secrets
  • How to make the most of summer training
  • When to neuter your bitch
  • Platinum Jubilee special feature
  • Top tips for improved delivery
  • Gundogs on centre stage at Crufts
  • Heelwork and how to get it right
  • German wirehaired pointers on the march
  • Managing arthritis in your ageing gundog

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