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Volume III • Issue V

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It’s the time of year when major honours are bestowed upon our top dogs, and in this issue we have reports on both the HPR and the retriever championships. The HPR (hunt, point and retrieve) event took place on the North Yorkshire moors and saw 15 of these wonderful dogs demonstrate the full range of their abilities. Meanwhile at Ampton estate in Suffolk the Retriever Championship saw three days of the finest dog work and ultimately there was a new name on the trophy.

To demonstrate the versatility of our gundog breeds and how they are put to work in the UK, we also bring you a feature on how spaniels and labradors undertake a number of crucial roles in Her Majesty’s Prison Service. It’s no surprise that gundogs have incredible noses, but it’s fascinating to learn about the different duties they perform, including detecting mobile phones, chargers and cables.

Tail docking has been a contentious issue for many years now. But welfare always remain paramount for gundog breed owners, and in this issue you will find a persuasive argument in favour of the procedure; and this from somebody who has switched camps. It’s a well researched and thoroughly enjoyable read.

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  • Paw and order; prison dogs at work
  • IGL Retriever Championship report
  • How to train dogs for other handlers
  • The magic of Irish setters
  • Veterinary advice on ear problems
  • HPR Championship report
  • Top kit for gundogs and their owners
  • German longhaired pointers in action
  • Expert advice from the Gundog Journal panel
  • The Brittany in profile

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