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Volume III • Issue IV

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In the Christmas edition of Gundog Journal we focus on what you like best – the way we share our lives with the gundog breeds that give us so much, and ask for so little in return. The issue is packed with features demonstrating the versatility of our dogs, and the way our relationships with them guide our lifestyle choices. Michelle Oseman spends more time picking-up on game shoots than most of us spend stuck behind a desk. So who better to tell us the reality of what pickers-up really want in a vehicle to get the job done?

In our dog of a lifetime features we read about humans and dogs bonding to create efficient working teams, and it’s no different this time around. Nigel Musto tells us about the vizsla who started out as a peg dog, but is now one of the best deer stalking companions he has ever had.

We all know our gundogs have incredible noses and Megan Williams goes behind the scenes at Medical Detection Dogs, a charity that trains working breeds to detect cancer, diabetes and even Covid-19. It probably won’t come as a surprise to most readers that gundogs are some of their best pupils.

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  • Top tips on training for success
  • International pointers at Balmoral
  • The ladies who have won the IGL
  • Veterinary advice on lumps and bumps
  • The Four Nations at the Scottish Game Fair
  • How to deal with unwelcome parasites
  • Top kit for gundogs and their owners
  • HPR Team Challenge
  • Expert advice from the Gundog Journal panel
  • The Italian spinone in profile

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