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Volume III • Issue II

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Many of us find managing the logistics of one or two dogs a sufficient challenge to deter ideas of any further additions to the household. But Anthea Shelley has anywhere between 10 and 20 dogs living with her at any one time, and in this issue she explains the daily management strategy. Suffice to say holidays and lie-ins do not exist in this household.

When Keith Mathews was a schoolboy, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme put him on track for a lifetime working with dogs and subsequent television fame. In this issue he pays a fitting Gundog Journal tribute to Prince Philip and thanks him for the scheme which continues to open doors for thousands of youngsters every year.

Some breeds are famous for their relentless energy and others for their steady reliability, but the pointer is synonymous with sheer elegance in the heather. In this issue we have a full breed profile on the grouse moor specialist gifted with grace.

HPRs offer the best of all worlds but Swedish owner and handler Christo Mostert is worried that trials are straying too far from hunting for real in his homeland. It’s an interesting point of view with obvious echoes across the board.

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  • The truth about living with a large pack
  • Who is sticking up for the minority breeds?
  • Expert advice from the Gundog Journal panel
  • Are trials damaging HPRs in Sweden?
  • Veterinary advice on stick injuries
  • Dog friendly UK hotels
  • When things don’t go to plan on the moor
  • Top kit for gundogs and their owners
  • The canine pitfalls of summer
  • A tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh

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