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Volume II • Issue VI

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Have you become increasingly concerned about the security of your dogs in the last few years? If so then our in-depth investigation into gundog theft in the UK in this issue will be a fascinating read. We speak to some victims of this awful crime, learn about the organisations trying to fight it and update you on the present approach in parliament.

Imagine winning the Cocker Championship after only a handful of years training gundogs, at the royal estate of Sandringham, and then being presented with the trophy by none other than HM The Queen? It’s fantasy stuff really, but that’s what Jamie Smith did in 2018, and in this issue he shares some of the secrets of his success. Meanwhile two-time Cocker Championship winner Ben Randall has some more pearls of wisdom for anyone bringing on a young dog and hoping to integrate them into their team this spring. As usual, Ben’s common sense approach will ring true.

And in the dog of a lifetime slot BASC chairman Eoghan Cameron recounts the terrifying moment his beloved fox red labrador fell through ice on a pond; it’s scary stuff but makes for a gripping read. 

Don’t miss this issue:

  • Dog theft – the full story
  • Are you a soft touch with treats?
  • How to deal with gun shyness
  • Does competition success alone equal greatness?
  • The 2018 Cocker Champs winner shares his secrets
  • Why too much exercise is bad for a young dog
  • To kennel or not?
  • The flatcoat retriever in profile
  • Basic puppy care advice
  • The Buccleuch story - a famous line re-instated
  • Expert training advice from the Gundog Journal team

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