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Volume II • Issue V

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Gundog Journal – Volume II • Issue V (pre-order from 18 Dec, out  1 Jan 2021)

It’s a new year and, as Ben Randall suggests in this issue, this is the perfect time for some honesty in assessing how our dogs are performing. We can all be guilty of overlooking the odd misdemeanour when it comes to our beloved canine companions, but ignoring these transgressions will only lead to long-term trouble. Even well trained dogs can lapse if they are allowed, and Ben has some well-timed words of wisdom on how to be objective and keep your dogs on the right track.

Have you ever thought you have something in common with Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho? Well, our dogs all have different personalities and varying strengths and weaknesses, just like their owners. And in this issue Michelle Oseman suggests that working a team of gundogs is akin to the job of a football manager. Michelle goes a little further and selects her perfect formation for a successful day’s picking-up; it’s all about making the right decisions to allow the team to fulfil their potential.

We are still in the darkest months of the year and this can be a tough time to find time to train gundogs but Jayne Coley has some perfectly practical suggestions for overcoming this hurdle. As usual Jayne and her fellow experts Laura Hill, Jeremy Organ and Gareth Davies, combine to help us deliver this stunning new edition of Gundog Journal.

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  • KC grandee Wilson Young on his love of pointers
  • When to work, and when to rest
  • A deer stalker’s perfect companion
  • Are dog coats worth it?
  • The Sussex spaniel in profile
  • Confessions of a field trialler
  • The pointer who wouldn’t give up
  • Expert advice on all things training
  • President George HW Bush’s service dog
  • The curly coat retriever conundrum

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