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Volume II • Issue IV

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Do you want to know how to avoid making some embarrassing mistakes with your gundogs this shooting season? In this issue Gundog Journal’s training guru Ben Randall identifies seven common sins of the season, and more importantly how to avoid committing them.

For owners of the HPR breeds the ultimate thrill is when the dog achieves the triple crown of the hunt, point and retrieve, particularly on grouse. This is the partnership of human and canine working in perfect harmony to harvest a wild game bird for a delicious dinner. So it was a great pleasure or us to join a team of German wirehaired pointer enthusiasts on a stunning Derbyshire grouse moor and bring you their story.

The days of Barbara Woodhouse dictating terms to her dogs in front of millions of television viewers in the 1970s and ‘80s seem like the dark ages to modern gundog owners. In this issue Anthea Shelley chronicles the sea change in training methods since then. In general we have moved from enforcement and dominance to a much softer collaborative approach, something which Ben Randall also talks about in his account of winning the Cocker Championship two years in a row.

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  • How to care for your dogs properly on shoot day
  • Puppy prices – your thoughts on the matter
  • The story of the Labrador
  • Does breeding the best to the best actually work?
  • How not to poison the dogs this festive period
  • Why your marking needs to be as good as your dog’s
  • Expert advice on all things training
  • The newest recruit to the Kennel Club gundog group
  • Is artificial insemination the future of breeding?

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