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Volume II • Issue III

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Do you look on with envy when you see beautifully trained gundogs respond immediately to precise whistle commands? If so then fear not because Gundog Journal guru Ben Randall presents a masterclass in whistle training in this issue and, as usual, it’s packed with common sense tips for day-to-day exercises.

For John Keats autumn might have been the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness, but as far as we know the great romantic poet wasn’t much of a gundog man. So for us this is the time of year for our companions to do their proper work. Michelle Oseman regularly picks-up five days a week, and she reveals the things which are most likely to cause grumpiness among the picking-up team, and how to avoid them.

Sometimes the jargon of field trials can be a little baffling to the uninitiated and indeed the whole world of competitive dog work can seem rather hard to fathom. But Anthea Shelley is on hand to explain the terminology, and once you have read her fascinating feature you will be much the wiser. Which we hope is true of this whole fabulous new edition of Gundog Journal.

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