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Volume II • Issue I

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As Coronavirus triggers more and more restrictions on our movements Field Editor Ben Randall provides some expert advice on how you and your dogs can keep training within the confines of your own property. We also consult our extensive following to discover how they are planning on dealing with the crisis. And here’s the good news; in a neat piece of reciprocity it seems the more we help our dogs keep on top of their game, the more they will help us through this.

Elsewhere in Vol II - Issue I, Double HPR Championship winner Darryl Elliot knows a thing or two about training German shorthaired pointers, and he shares some of his secrets. Picking-up guru Michelle Oseman is out in the field more than most during the season, and she has some great advice on what to do with the pack during the summer months. And in a question of sex Patrice Fellows investigates why some people prefer dogs and others opt for bitches; subjective but also fascinating.

Don’t miss this issue:

  • How to keep a trained dog match fit
  • What’s the right amount of training kit?
  • The magic of shooting over moorland dogs
  • Busting myths about hip problems
  • Born in the USA - Chesapeake Bay retrievers in profile
  • Full report from Crufts
  • The Celtic charm of the Welsh springer spaniel
  • Deer dog - does breed even matter?
  • Former army trainer talks about his most difficult dog
  • Cockapoos – what’s it all about?

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