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Volume I • Issue VI

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In a brand new series we speak to prominent handlers to find out what happens when difficult days occur in the training field, and how best to react when trouble strikes. Field Editor Ben Randall provides expert advice on how to make sure owners end up with the right sort of dog for their needs - after all Ferraris are not necessarily suited to learners.

In a fascinating account Lindsay Corbett explains exactly what it took to overcome her nerves and go from total novice to Cocker Championship qualifier two years running in almost no time.

Also we ask whether fox red labradors are fashion accessories or genuine shooting buddies? And we dig a little deeper to find what represents good value when buying a puppy or part or fully trained dog.

Don’t miss this issue:

  • In depth interview with IGL and Irish Retriever champion Declan Boyle
  • Gallery pages from the Cocker and Springer Championship
  • Full report from the Irish Retriever Championship
  • Will Clulee tells us about his daily routine in the kennels
  • The regal Gordon setter in profile
  • Expert training advice from the Gundog Journal aficionados
  • How one man refuses to let his disability stop him picking-up
  • The best gear for you and your gundog at home and in the field
  • To jab or not to jab? The truth about vaccinations
  • Great gundogs of the past – Dual Champion Banchory Bolo

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