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Volume I • Issue IV

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As we move into the heart of the driven shooting season, the sumptuous fourth edition of Gundog Journal offers expert advice on making the most of those days in the field. Whether you are picking-up, beating or shooting, our team of top handlers and trainers have got it covered.

Meanwhile Sky Sports News presenter Alex Hammond tells us about her gundog of a lifetime, and Patrice Fellows wonders why so many dogs still need rehoming. Also in this issue we hear about the city hotshot who gave it all up for a lifetime of picking-up and painting. And there is a cautionary insurance tale from a reader who has really been through the mill.

If trials and working tests all sound a bit serious for you then don’t worry. Field Editor Ben Randall has some sound advice on training a family pet which won’t disgrace you on the peg. After all, training Field Trial Champions isn’t for everyone. And perhaps you will recognise yourself in our 10 types of gundog owner?

In this issue:

  • Sky Sports News presenter Alex Hammond on her passion for dogs
  • The survival guide to picking-up throughout the season
  • Why dogs are essential for winter wildfowling
  • First Aid for dogs in the shooting field
  • Breed profile: the German shorthaired pointer
  • The 10 types of gundog owner
  • Setters and vizslas in hot competition
  • Gundog reports from the The Game Fair and the Chudleys Challenge
  • Gundog legend golden retriever FTCh Mazurka of Wynford

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