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Volume I • Issue I

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Issue I of the sumptuous new Gundog Journal has been put together by a team of experts in their field, and it hits all the right spots for people who love their gundogs. The comprehensive first issue covers all the angles, from steadiness training and veterinary insight to major championship reports and essential tips for picking-up.

Expert handling advice from the likes Jayne Coley and Jeremy Organ sits happily alongside an in-depth profile of the Hungarian viszla. You will also find a full report from the IGL Retriever Championship and a fascinating article on the way scent works by Ben Randall.

This journal is designed for the long read, and you will also find thought-provoking pieces about the history of gundogs, how rescue dogs can find their way back to the shooting field, and why body language means everything to your four-legged shooting friend. We even ask just how far would you travel to collect your new puppy?

So, whether you are completely new to gundogs or a champion trainer and handler, you will find plenty to keep you entertained between these covers. Don’t miss the UK’s only publication to dedicate its entire content to the world of working gundogs.

Issue highlights:

  • TV’s Phil Spencer on his spaniel of a lifetime
  • Is it even shooting without a dog?
  • Sporting artists Keith Sykes and Coral Rose
  • Top 10 tips for pickers-up
  • Full report from the pointer and setter Champion Stake
  • Canine kit for the working dog in your life
  • How to get your gundog breeding right

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