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Volume I • Issues I - VII

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The most luxurious country sports book on the market, filled to the gunwales of Fieldsports Journal’s most popular hunting, shooting and fishing articles from Volume II, all illustrated with world class imagery and art. Case bound, hardbacked and gilt-edged, this unquestionably collectible edition comprising of almost 500 pages of timeless content is the choice book for dedicated fieldsports enthusiasts.

Setting the scene in an exclusive foreword is none other than longstanding contributor Lord James Percy: “In a time where much of the written word lives an easily forgotten virtual life in the ether of email, Facebook or Kindle, Fieldsports Journal has remained and flourished unapologetically as a physical creation. The Fieldsports Journal Compendium Volume I is a celebration of the countryside, of conservation, of rivers and moors, woods and wilderness, of sporting tradition, shooting, fishing, stalking, cooking, travelling, folklore, history and environmental matters and reminds us that in even dark moments there is still a happy coming together of likeminded people.”

  • Seven sold-out issues in one hardback book
  • Re-ordered into seven sections
  • World-class imagery and editorial
  • Weighs 2kg
  • Nearly 500 pages of pure fieldsports
  • Premium silver gilt edging
  • The ideal gift for any sportsman and woman
  • No advertising
  • Available for delivery from mid-December 2020

Throughout its pages we take you on an enlightening journey through the sporting seasons from our home soil to far flung corners of the globe in pursuit of alluring quarry species. We retrace the steps of sporting heroes, share some of the most topical conservation discoveries and compelling success stories. There are exclusive interviews, insightful historical accounts, restraint-grade recipes, and first-class instruction that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whatever your sporting interests, whatever the time of year, we trust this timeless compendium will provide you with hours of joy and hope that it inspires you to embark on memorable sporting adventures for years to come.


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