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Subscribe today for yourself or as a gift and enjoy the convenience of Fieldsports Journal being delivered direct to your door, plus get free membership to the British Fieldsports Association with shooting insurance included (UK only). We publish six editorial-packed issues a year filled with the most sought-after contributors and creative photographers, each journal delivers reams of game shooting, hunting and fly fishing articles from talented storytellers, essayists, fact finders and thought leaders. There’s no end of well-known names such as Jeremy Paxman, Defra’s George Eustice MP, Phil Spencer, James Percy, George Digweed MBE, Hugh Van Cutsem and Matt Harris. This is traditional country pursuits reimagined for a modern world.

Membership to the British Fieldsports Association is included free for every UK subscriber. Benefits include:

  • £2 million Public Liability Insurance covering the use of shotguns, rifles and airguns
  • Up to 50% discount on selected Fieldsports Press book and products
  • Exclusive member offers from our specialist retail partners

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