English springer spaniel

We take a look at the UK’s third most popular gundog breed, the English springer spaniel.

(Main photo credit: Andrew Yates) History of the English springer spaniel: Spaniels are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, but exactly when they first came into existence is not accurately documented. Their origin is also somewhat of a mystery, too, but there are clues to suggest that they originated in Spain and were introduced to other European countries by the Romans. Whatever the breed’s exact history, though, it is known that spaniels have been used as canine companions...

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Cocker spaniel

We take a close look at the cocker spaniel, the UK’s second most popular gundog breed.

History: Spaniels are one of the oldest breeds of dog, said to have been noted in history prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. Though their origin is not accurately documented, many believe that spaniels originated in Spain – linked to the French phase ‘Chiens de l’ Espagnol’, which translates to ‘dog of Spain’.  A well documented fact, however, is that spaniels have been used as canine companions to effectively hunt game for centuries – long before the advent of sporting...

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Clumber spaniel

We take a look at the Clumber spaniel, a breed rarely found in the shooting field but making a comeback.

Photographs  Heidrun Humphreys History: The Clumber spaniel was introduced to the UK by the 2nd Duke of Newcastle in the 1770s, who named the breed after the family estate, Clumber Park, in Nottinghamshire. As the largest breed in the spaniel family, it was recognised as a perfect shooting companion for flushing game from heavy cover, which made them very popular with nobility. King George V kept a large team of them on the Sandringham Estate, for example, as did the Dukes of...

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A Remarkable Little Hunting Machine

Author: Patrice Fellows

The cocker spaniel has become one of the most popular breeds of recent times. Patrice Fellows takes a closer look at the dynamic little dog.

Photographers /  ANDREW WILLIAMS, TESSA SMITH AND CAROLINE DELL Few breeds elicit such strong emotions as the cocker spaniel. This cheeky and energetic Jack of all trades – the smallest of all British gundogs – has a loyal following both on and off the field. Once owned primarily by rough shooters and professional trainers, working cockers are now in the limelight, with Royal and celebrity owners ranging from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the Beckhams and Lionel Ritchie. The...

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