Pointers & Setters

English pointer

We take a closer look at the English pointer and assess its working capabilities.

History: According to many sources of literature and illustrations, the English pointer has been around since the middle of the 1600s. It is believed by many canine historians that although the breed was refined in England for sporting purposes, hence its name, it actually originates from Spain and was brought over to Britain by Army officers returning from the War of Spanish Succession.  To create a good looking dog breed with great hunting instinct, stamina, speed and tenacity, the...

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English setter

A closer look at one of the rarer working breeds, the English setter. 

History of the English setter: Developed over hundreds of years, the English setter is one of the oldest breeds of gundog with its roots back in the 14th century as a descendant of the ‘setting spaniel’. Typically worked on moorland to hunt gamebirds and small mammals, its hunting style and characteristics remain much the same as its ancestors, quartering the ground in front of the hunters in an attempt to scent their quarry. Once they have caught wind of their prey they ‘set’ –...

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