Q: Can the wind affect the way my dog behaves? I’ve noticed that he can go a bit ‘bonkers’ when it’s blowy

A: Absolutely, yes it could. I love the old-fashioned saying, ‘he’s got the wind up his tail’, often referencing horses on a breezy day. A windy day can easily raise your dog’s state of arousal. Windy weather often creates all kinds of environmental movement. Vegetation, tree branches, tumbling leaves, not to mention the rush of air around the dog are almost certain to stimulate a young dog. It’s important to remember that, as predators, dogs are extremely reactive to rapid movement.

We always encourage owners to train young dogs in an environment that is as distraction-free as possible. Once behaviours are established, you then deliberately need to ensure your dog has been exposed to and remains well-behaved in all the many elements that the great British weather hurls at us.

Wind and snow are likely to excite a young dog, heavy rain and particularly heat may well stifle a dog’s interest especially where tearing around after dummies