For your chance to a BSA Comet SE and a BSA Meteor Super, simply fill in the form below! Entry to this competition is free. Closing date February 22nd 2023.

These two break-barrel springers are top of the class. In fact, BSA is the only company building break-barrel springers in the UK, so you can be assured that their quality is second to none.

Whereas the Comet SE is essentially the same rifle that was previously being built in Spain, the Meteor Super is a brand-new rifle that has been designed and built here in the UK.

They’re both very reasonably priced, too, with the Comet SE having a RRP of £229, and the Meteor Super coming in at just £339.

It’s the perfect combination for father and son, granddad and granddaughter or husband and wife to shoot, both in the back garden or out in the field.

So, go on, give yourself a chance to win some wonderful loads and give your winter
shooting a bump start!