Are you new to deer stalking and wondering what it might be like to book yourself a stalking trip with a professional like Chris? If the answer is yes, then you're in the right place to find out!

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If you want to book a stalking trip and it's your first time deer hunting, it pays to know what best practice looks like, so you don't end up having a bad experience. To that end, this video follows professional deer manager, Chris Rogers, and his client for the day, David, as they embark on their stalking trip around the Euston Estate.

Learn how it should be done, as Chris first takes David down onto the range to check his zero and his aim on some targets, before guiding him through the stalk as they close in on a roebuck. (Note: David is not new to deer stalking and pulls off a much more challenging shot than would be advised for someone who is a complete beginner).

It's not an easy hunt... they are slightly too early for the rut, so trying to call the deer in does not go as planned. It's a long, hot day, and although we spot several roe, it's difficult to get into a close enough position to take a shot. But, if there's one thing we've learned over the past year of filming, it's that Chris Rogers never blanks! And this trip is no exception. Enjoy the experience. 

Stalking kit bag

Rifle - Blaser K95 Black edition in .308

Clothing - Harkila Trail clothing, Grove GTX boots

Optics - Swarovski Z6 1.7-10x42 scope, EL 42 binoculars, ATS/STS 25-50x spotting scope