Harvest is nearly here; what’s the best strategy for dealing with foxes? Andy Crow replies

Q:With the hay having been cut and harvest looming, do you have any tips about what kind of strategies to employ for foxes at this time of year?

ANDY CROW replies: This is usually the best time of year to get at the foxes. Their world is suddenly a lot more open, and young, naïve cubs will be out and about, hunting for mice in the stubbles, giving you a good chance for a big bag or two.

Liaise with your farmer to find out what crops are coming off and when. They might also give you a heads-up as to where foxes are bolting from when they are combining to help you locate any ‘hot spots’.

Be aware that rape stubbles can be a serious impediment to the path of your bullet, especially with smaller calibre and frangible bullets. Also, check where you can and can’t drive if you are lamping from a truck. It has been very wet so far this year so headlands might not be as firm as you expect.