More and more shooters are choosing to switch to HIKMICRO optics for their hunting. The brand covers everything from thermal gunsights and spotters to digital day and night riflescopes, boasting remarkable round-the-clock performance.

Owing to the extensive research and development carried out by the tech giant behind the brand, these optics punch way above their weight when it comes to performance and reliability. Despite being built to an exceptionally high standard and packed with sophisticated technology, the HIKMICRO range of shooting optics are very competitively priced and extremely easy to operate.

The brand will be showcasing a range of its products at the British Shooting Show 2023 on Stand B5. We’ve listed three of the best below, plus an exciting new HIKMICRO product launch for March 2023.


The HIKMICRO ALPEX is a digital scope that is born for low-light hunting. With stunning image quality at long ranges by day or by night, and a long 12-hour battery life, the ALPEX allows you to focus on your hunting and forget any concerns over losing the light or having your battery die at the crucial moment!

With a wide field of view (up to15m@100m), the HIKMICRO ALPEX provides beautiful, vibrant full-colour images by day, and clean black and white images by night. The clarity of the images produced are thanks to a unique 1/1.8” sensor and 3D DNR image algorithm, helping you to identify your target animal using clear details even on the blackest of nights. The powerful IR illuminator ensures a viewing range at night up to 600m, while the Smart IR feature gives better exposure performance.

Reliable even in the harshest of conditions, the HIKMIRCO ALPEX is built with high-strength housing and tested in environments from -30°C to 55°C.

The HIKMICRO ALPEX scope is fully compatible with the HIKMICRO Sight App and comes with 3 years for entire device and 10 years for the sensor.

RRP: £799.99


The HIKMICRO FALCON is a thermal imaging monocular with extremely high thermal sensitivity (NETD<20mK) that ensures clear quarry identification and spotting, even in conditions where the animal and background have a minimal temperature difference.

Equipped with 12μm high-end thermal sensor and up to 640x512 pixel resolution, the Falcon thermal spotter allows hunters to pick out the finer details of the quarry to take identification to the next level – from the sex of the animal to the texture of its fur.

Also aiding the HIK Falcon’s stunningly clear and detailed image is its large aperture – the f/0.9 lens provides a 19% improvement in the capturing of temperature radiation levels when compared with the f/1.0 aperture. Finally, Image Pro (HIKMICRO’s self-developed image processing algorithm), ensures the maximum digital image optimization depending on the conditions you are hunting in.

With an ergonomic shape, easy-to-use operations, and robust magnesium housing, the Falcon is built to be used actively in the field.

RRP: £2,449.99


The HIKMICRO RAPTOR RQ50L represents an exciting breakthrough for hunters in terms of spotting and identifying quarry. This all-in-one binocular design switches between thermal and digital day/night vision, allowing you to survey the scene in front of you in high-quality thermal image, true-to-life full colour digital day vision, or digital night vision… all with the push of a button.

In one unit, the Raptor breaks through all visual limitations to give you the best chance of catching up with your intended quarry. Completing this extraordinary package is a 1,000m laser range finder with an accuracy of +/- 1m.

Expect the usual quality you have come to expect from HIKMICRO products thanks to the unit’s 20mK high sensitivity thermal camera, 2560x1440 HD day and night camera, and built-in 850nm IR illuminator.

Additional features include the GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC), which allows hunters to locate the exact position of an object, a smart IR illuminator that can adjust brightness automatically and intelligently to avoid overexposure and preserve battery life, and a local album allowing you to quickly browse recorded photo and video on the device.

RRP: £3,999.99


The HIKMICRO THUNDER 2.0 is estimated to be released in March 2023. This thermal (clip-on/scope) includes features such as:

  • Ultra-clear image and impressive detail recognition
  • Advanced outer casing design for improved convenience while hunting
  • Powerful battery performance
  • Software revolution provides easier and more accurate visuals while hunting