Hackle colours vary, and while the fly’s inventor, Hans van Klinken, prefers blue dun, one of red game or light ginger is just as good. It also pays to experiment with the dubbing: try various shades.

Materials for the Klinkhamer Special

Hook: Size 8-16 Partridge GRS12ST  Thread: Tan 8/0 or light grey 14/0 Sheer  Abdomen: Fly-Rite No.19 tan dubbing  Thorax: Peacock herl  Wing: White poly-yarn  Hackle: Blue dun cock, light ginger, brown or grizzle

Procters Klinkhamer step 1

Step 1. Catch in the thread behind the eye, winding it down the shank and back to a point about halfway up the hook. Position the winging material on top of the hook and bind down.

Procters Klinkhamer step 2

Step 2. Cut a taper on the yarn, covering the waste end with turns of thread before finishing at the bend. On smaller flies, attach the yarn bow-tie fashion on top of the hook shank.

Procters Klinkhamer step 3

Step 3. Having taken the thread some way back down the shank, apply dubbing to the thread. With touching turns, form a neat, tapered abdomen, finishing a fraction behind the wing.

Procters Klinkhamer step 4

Step 4. Catch in an appropriate hackle with a little exposed stem and take the thread 4-5 turns high, up the wing, providing a secure post for the hackle and trapping the stem.

Procters Klinkhamer step 5

Step 5. Wind the thread back down the post and attach three strands of peacock herl. Varnish around the thorax to help bind the herl. Twist the herl around the thread.

Procters Klinkhamer step 6

Step 6. Working either side of the wing, wind a dense thorax, being careful not to trap any hackle fibres. Make sure the final turn of the thorax comes to rest around the post base.

Procters Klinkhamer step 7

Step 7. Starting from the top of the post, carefully wind the hackle so each turn sits under the previous turn. Work the hackle downwards, towards the thorax.

Procters Klinkhamer step 8

Step 8. Having applied 4-5 turns, secure the hackle with thread, working around the wing base. Snip away surplus hackle and complete with a four-turn whip finish. Cut the wing to length.

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