How choosing the right riflescope can help you enjoy more successful moments on your hunt.

Kevin Coles, product specialist at ZEISS Hunting, breaks down what you need to know about their latest range of riflescopes.

Q: Do different hunting styles require a distinct type of riflescope?

A: It’s worth considering your preferred hunting style when picking a new scope. The ZEISS V8 riflescopes are designed for all hunting disciplines and situations, whether you prefer driven hunts, stalking, high seat or night shoots.

The V8 1.1-8x24 riflescope is great for driven hunts. I would recommend the V8 1.8-14x50 for high seat or night hunts and the V8 2.8-20x56 is ideal for stalking. The V8 4.8-35x60 is tailormade for long-range hunts.

ZEISS V8 riflescopes are incredibly versatile, allowing you to design your rifle to suit your needs, without compromising on performance. They are available in three illuminated reticles. Reticle 43 is excellent for fast, long shots combined with the finest illuminated dot. Reticle 54 is best for driven hunts and reticle 60, our most popular choice, offers ultra-fine dot precision, perfect for pin-point accuracy and minimal target coverage. 

credit: ZEISS Hunting

Q: What features should you be on the lookout for when shopping for a new riflescope?

A: When comparing riflescopes, check for these key features to help you choose the right one:

  1. Outstanding optical performance – ensure the scope performs well in all lighting conditions. The V8 scopes offer bright, high-contrast optics, enhancing your visibility and performing seamlessly during the daytime and at night. The scope's high-quality SCHOTT fluoride glass and UFL Concept system enable the V8 riflescopes to achieve a light transmission of up to 92 percent. It provides true colour light fidelity, brightness and clarity, to make it easy to differentiate between colours when spotting quarry.
  2. Ultra-fine dot precision – offering high accuracy and low target coverage, this makes it easy to acquire exact aim for small targets and over long distances. The ZEISS V8’s fibreoptics system is a fraction of the thickness of a human hair. It’s the world’s finest illuminated dot, offering 3.3mm target coverage at 100m, allowing you to determine the perfect holdover point.
  3. Long-range bullet drop compensation (BDC) – this will ensure stability and exceptional performance over an extended period. The V8 scopes are ideally suited for use with clip-on attachments. The advanced long-range BDC allows you to make corrections for precise targets over long distances. You can use the ZEISS Hunting App to quickly determine subtension changes and calculate the required BDC and wind drift correction values for almost any type of ammunition and the best performance.
  4. Reliability – ZEISS optics are tested in the toughest conditions. They’re continuously shock-tested with up to 1,500 times g-force, temperature shocked from –25 to 50 degrees, exposed to 24 hours in salt spray and undergo a waterproof emersion test. Even after all of this, the optics remain unchanged.

Q: How do ZEISS V8 riflescopes differ from previous models?

A: The V8 models now have an elegant new 30 mm tube compatible with most rifles, for easier mounting and simple assembly. It’s extremely lightweight, compact, robust and provides a perfectly balanced setup. 

credit: ZEISS Hunting

The ZEISS V8 riflescopes are also equipped with an extra-large eye box for comfortable viewing that offers the hunter effortless, fast target acquisition – a considerable advantage for guest shooters and driven hunts.

Q: Why choose ZEISS Hunting when searching for new rifle equipment?

A: We have over 175 years of experience making lenses and are pioneers of science in optics. Our founder, Carl Zeiss, began challenging the limits of imagination in 1846 when research in this field was still in its infancy. It’s his vision we carry with us today, dedicating our passion and demand for excellence, to inspire others to see the world around them in a new way.

Hunting is about being at one with nature, embracing the wilderness and facing the elements up close. On your journey, it’s integral to have the right equipment with you to help you make the very most of your experience.

Our products are tested in extreme environments that far surpass any hunting conditions to make sure you can rely on them when you need them most. The latest V8 riflescopes are no different and represent the very best of qualities we’re known for.

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