Pro Hunter has proudly announced the “future of airgunning” - airgun slugs! Pro Hunter’s new Premium High Impact and Premium Standard slugs are hand swaged, accurate, and proven to shoot in a variety of airguns. Find out more here!

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In recent years, air rifles have seen major developments - the draw back has always been the design of airgun pellets limiting the full potential of these rifles. A slug design is based on the shape of a bullet, and differs to a pellet by not having a waist and rear skirt.

credit: Archant

What’s the advantage of an airgun “slug” over a “pellet”?

An airgun slug has a much higher ballistic coefficient (BC), providing a flatter trajectory and allowing you to shoot at longer distances. With many months of extensive testing prior to going live in July 2019, Pro Hunter Swaging has produced the slugs which “Buck the wind”. Pro Hunter Swaging was the first UK manufacturer to produce these Hand Swaged Slugs in calibres .177, .22, .25, and .30.

Hand Swaging

Pro Hunter hand swage all their Slugs from 99.95% pure lead. Hand Swaging is the most accurate method of producing slugs, unlike the majority on the market today which are machine mass-produced. Using this method, Pro Hunter can achieve a consistency of plus or minus one tenth of a grain. Hand swaging is a time consuming process with several stages required to produce the perfect slug.

The two ranges Pro Hunter Swaging offers are: Unique Premium High Impact; and Premium Standard.

Pro Hunter Premium High Impact slugs

Premium High Impact have a very large hollow and have a massive expansion area on impact. They are used widely for target and vermin control, bringing quarry down instantly due to their energy transfer. They are accurate to 200 yards plus. These slugs have proven to shoot in various rifles such as FAC air rifles, and sub 12ft/lb air rifles, slug liners and standard barrels.

Prices start from £8.82 sample pack.

Pro-Hunter Premium Standard slugs

Premium Standard have the same quality and accuracy as the Premium High Impact. The only difference is that they have less expansion on impact. These are very similar to other slugs on the market today, with a small hollow point in the nose. They are less time consuming to produce, but still the same great quality. These are also used for vermin control and target shooting, and have been proven to shoot in various rifles such as FAC, and sub-12ft/llb versions, slug liners and standard barrels. Prices start from £7.52 per sample pack.

Airgun slugs are the future!

Slugs are the future for airgun shooters. A must-try if you haven’t yet! However, BE AWARE they travel much further than pellets and an adequate backstop must be assured.

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