If you hunt at night, you’ll understand the importance of remaining unseen and preserving your natural night vision. Night Master has designed their new H1 head torch with these principles in mind and included essential features to help night hunters.

Firstly, you can choose to activate the H1 with either a red or white beam. The red LED is ideal for close-range illumination, to preserve your natural night vision, and can be diffused with the sliding diffuser lens to provide a wider and softer light. With the red light, you can expect up to 88 hours of runtime from a fully charged battery.

If it’s white light you need, just press and hold and button. It’ll activate in low mode and you can select either medium or high modes. High mode is a respectable 400 lumens and medium mode is bright enough to illuminate your path ahead. In low mode you will get a maximum runtime of 60 hours. To position the beam, the H1 has an articulating head, allowing you to drop or raise the beam.

Charging is made easy with the H1’s lightweight battery pack, which uses the supplied USB Type-C charging cable for fast charging and allows charging from a vehicle. The battery pack also features a battery level indicator and a low-brightness red LED, which can be switched on to allow fellow hunters to follow you in the dark.

All in all, this is a thoughtfully designed head torch for night hunters, with useful features and long runtimes.

The H1 is available in black or black/orange from www.nightmaster.co.uk and from Night Master stockists.

RRP: £44.95

Visit nightmaster.co.uk