Phill Price tests the quad-stick design, which gives more stability to your aim

credit: Archant

There has been something of an explosion of four-legged stalking sticks.

Taking an accurate shot from double sticks is a skill that takes practice and good technique, and even then range is limited for all but the most adept.

credit: Archant

However, the quad stick design supports both the front and the back of your rifle and therefore builds in a much higher level of stability. This increases accuracy and therefore range. If you stalk in flat hunting areas or where ground vegetation precludes shots from a bipod, these devices have great value.

This Mountain Stick from 4 Stable Stick is incredibly light at just 550g, thanks to its aluminium and nylon-reinforced fibreglass construction.

It adjusts for height and can be used for both standing and kneeling shots and when stalking from uneven ground.

Taken down for transport it is just 65cm in length, making it easily packable for the travelling hunter. A tough nylon carrying case is included with the sticks, along with a two-year warranty.

Available from retailers nationwide. Find out more at GMK.

RRP: £129


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