Spanish manufacturer, Norica, produces a wide range of pellets in various calibres, which are now being distributed in the UK by Edgar Brothers. There’s a very interesting mix of target, domed, pointed and copper-coated offerings, with all tins/boxes costing less than £10. 

Here’s a quick look at a small selection of what’s available. For more info, visit:  

Norica Domed FT air rifle pelletNorica Premium Domed FT 

The Premium Domed FT are Norica’s flagship pellet. An all-round model with excellent aerodynamics and energy retention at long distances, providing the necessary impact for its mission.  

Carefully manufactured with German technology, in a special lead alloy, strict quality control is performed with state-of-the-art machinery before the final visual inspection, and manual selection is implemented. They are also ISO 9001 certified. Perfect for competition or hunting. The .177 pellets weigh 9 grains. 

RRP: .177 £9.99, .22 £6.99 for 250

Norica MatchNorica Match  

The classic choice for plinking, hobby shooting and CO2 pistols. These ribbed pellets have flat heads to punch perfect circles in paper targets and they provide an unbeatable price-performance ratio.  

RRP: .177 £3.99, .22 £5.75 for 250

Norica Pointed 

A medium weight, pointed pellet with an aerodynamic design for flat trajectories and high-impact. They are ideal for plinking, hunting and CO2 pistols at medium ranges.  

RRP: .177 £4.99, .22 £5.75 for 200.  

Norica Round 

Maximum penetration compared to any of the other models due to its mass concentration. The copper-plated, BB-style pellets deliver 20% more speed than standard lead pellets with a similar weight.  

RRP: .177 £7.75, .22 £6.50 for 200. 

Norica Devast PelletsNorica Devast 

Designed for long-distance shooting and pest control, these heavy, copper-plated pellets increase velocity by up to 20% compared to similar weight pellets. The aerodynamic and balanced design delivers high energy transfer and penetration power, and the .22 pellets weigh a whopping 21 grains! 

RRP: .177 £8.99, .22 £7.25 for 400. 

Norica Domed 

Developed for the small-game hunter and pest controller, the shape, weight, internal design and balance of these pellets deliver excellent performance with high-powered air rifles. The Domed is an all-around pellet with excellent aerodynamics and energy retention at long distances. 

RRP: .177 £4.75, .22 £6.25 for 250.