Shrimps are an important food source for trout and grayling, and this lifelike imitation will serve you well.

Material list for the Tan Sparkle Shrimp

Hook: Size 10-12 grub hook

Thread: Tan

Weight: Lead foil

Tail: Brown partridge

Rib: Clear nylon monofilament

Body: Hare’s fur and peach Lite-Brite

Legs: Teased-out body material

Back: Tan Thin Skin

Antennae: Brown partridge

Step 1. Tan Shrimp

Step 1. Fix the hook in the vice and wind a thin strip of lead foil along the shank. Carry it towards the eye in touching turns.

Step 2. Tan Shrimp.

Step 2. Fix the lead foil with tying thread then reposition the hook to expose the bend. Catch in a small pinch of brown partridge feather for the tail. 

Step 3. Tan Shrimp.

Step 3. Catch in a length of clear nylon monofilament then cut a strip of tan Thin Skin. Catch the Thin Skin in place at the tail base.

Step4. Tan Shrimp.

Step 4. Take a pinch of hare’s fur and peach Lite-Brite and dub it on to the thread. Wind the fur in close turns towards the eye.

Step 5. Tan Shrimp.

Step 5. When the fur blend has reached just short of the eye, take a small pinch of brown partridge fibres and catch it in to form the antennae.

Step 6. Tan Shrimp.

Step 6. Add another small pinch of the fur to take the body right up to the eye. Pull the Thin Skin strip firmly over the top of the body.

Step 7. Tan Shrimp.

Step 7. Fix the loose end of the Thin Skin with tying thread then take hold of the monofilament. Wind it over the body in evenly spaced turns.

Step 8. Tan Shrimp.

Step 8. Before the final turn of the rib is applied, release the loose end of the Thin Skin. This will allow the final turn of the rib to be hidden.

Step 9. Tan Shrimp.

Step 9. Re-fix the end of the Thin Skin then trim off the waste. Cast off with a whip finish then tease out some body fibres to suggest legs.