Episode 6 of Clay Shooter TV starts with a rabbit target masterclass from Simon O'Leary. If you want to know how to hit every rabbit target, this is the episode for you! Simon's characteristically laid back approach is sure to instill the confidence you need to beat this target which is a nemesis for so many clay shooters! This month, along with his usual choice of Eley cartridges, Simon has a Yildiz Pro Sporter 12-bore shotgun to add to the mix.

In news, one of the best shooters of all time makes an appearance! Richard Faulds MBE explains which cartridge he uses to win and why, and Drennan presents a Kreighoff Superporting review followed by an Eley Superb Fiber cartridge review. The gun is a secondhand beauty from Ian Coley Sporting, which has one of the largest selection of both new and used Kreighoffs in the country, along with a try gun and stock alteration service. 

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(Gun used in technique) Raytrade UK - Yildiz
(Cartridges in technique and review) Eley Hawk
(Gun review) Ian Coley Sporting - Kreighoff