A small, but heavy fly designed to handle a lot of abuse. The UV resin-coated head makes it almost bulletproof.

Materials for the Bullet Proof Bomb

Tube: 14mm Sean Stanton Signature  Thread: Black Ultra 70  Tail: Red bucktail and boar bristles Hackle: Claret cock saddle or Chinese hackle  Body: Red floss body, and soft Veniard gold wire No.33 rib. Coated in UV Gulff resin.

bullet proof bomb step 1Step 1. Add a plastic liner and a length of silicone tubing to the brass tube, then fix it securely on the tube mount. Run on the tying thread.

bullet proof bomb step 2Step 2. Wind the thread as far as the silicone tubing then catch in two bunches from the dark part of a red bucktail. Work them evenly around the tube.

bullet proof bomb step 3Step 3. Take a bunch of dyed-red boar bristles and line up the tips. Divide in two, catching in each half either side of the tube so the tips of both diverge.

bullet proof bomb step 3Step 4. Secure the waste ends of the boar bristles along the tube, a process that starts to build the profile of the body. Catch in a dyed-claret cock hackle.

bullet proof bomb step 5Step 5. Take hold of the hackle by its tip and apply four or five turns to create a full hackle. Stroke the hackle fibres back as each turn is applied.

bullet proof bomb step 6Step 6. Catch in the length of gold wire, then cast off the thread. Using a bobbin holder, run on the red floss in close turns, keeping the effect as smooth as possible.

bullet proof bomb step 7Step 7. Add enough layers of floss to form a large, tapered body. Cast off the floss, then run the tying thread back on. Apply open, even turns of the gold wire.

bullet proof bomb step 8Step 8. Secure the end of the wire and remove the waste. Cast off the thread, then coat the body with clear UV resin, curing it to a hard finish with a UV torch.

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