Sporting Saint's Range of Water Dummies 

The New Water Dummy combines the soft mouth features with the standard water dummy feel, resulting in a multi-feature dummy. 

Good quality and durable 
Throwing rope attached 
Can be used on both water and land 
Easy grip for your dogs 
Sporting Saint branded 

Available in 2in (275mm long) and 3in (290mm long) and in Orange and White. 

RRP: From £8.99 

Dog & Field Easy Grip Water Dummy

Water 1

 £8.99 – £10.99  

This specialist easy grip water dummy is made with pliable yet durable non-toxic rubber materials, which lends these dummies for both water and land retriever training. The non-slip grip design makes these dummies one of the most advanced and easy to use gundog training tools available. 

The advanced design prevents slipping when a dog is retrieving in water and encourages less downward pressure. The Easy Grip Water Dummy has a flat base which lends itself to standing on its end for increased visibility with retrieves on land. 

Non-slip grip technology for easier gripping and holding 
Trains your dog to naturally hold with a gentler grip 
Excellent for water training or land use 
Versatile, durable and long lasting 
Available in two colours 
Available in two sizes – (Small: 28.5 x 6.1 x 6.1 – 132g; Large: 29.5 x 9 x 9 – 350g) 
Long easy to throw cord attached

Water 2