Gundog History

A history of picking-up

Author: David S. D. Jones

Up until the 1920s, picking-up was always carried out in-house by underkeepers or by gamekeepers from a neighbouring estate.

Captured on camera by an unknown studio photographer, the mid-19th-century gamekeeper (pictured below) – resplendent in his velveteen jacket and waistcoat, corduroy trousers and leggings – poses for his portrait, perhaps for the first time, with gun under arm and his dogs on either side. The main photograph, taken around 1890, depicts a group of smartly dressed sportsmen outside a country house prior to setting out for a day’s shooting, with two dogs sitting obediently at their feet. In...

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Hunting dogs

Author: Peter Ryan

The ancient brotherhood between dog and human runs deeper than that between any other species...

It starts where it always does, on the rocks. Ochre figures on a stone wall, spears and bows poised. In some caves there are deer in front of them, in others wild sheep etched into the living rock. And around them are shapes with sharp muzzles and curled tails, hunting dogs of the ancient past, leaping with their masters. They still sing, these images of our most ancient partnership. Dogs threw their lot in with us long ago and it’s still the best brotherhood to bridge the gulf...

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A Peep into the Past

Author: David S. D. Jones

David S. D. Jones provides a fascinating insight into the history of our working relationship with man’s best friend.

Sportsmen have been using specially trained dogs for hunting purposes in Great Britain since Roman times. Dogs were not only used for pursuing deer, wild boar and other quadrupeds but also in connection with falconry. Later, in the Medieval period, small dogs were employed when decoying ducks, spaniels for tracking down and netting partridges and other gamebirds, and greyhounds for coursing hares and deer. It goes without saying that when game shooting was first introduced during the late...

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